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JEC创新奖是一项历史悠久的全球计划,该奖项秉持3 个目标:识別,推广并奖励世界上最具创新性的复合材 料解决方案在过去15年间,JEC创新计划已覆盖全球 1800家公司;其中177家公司和433位合作伙伴因在复 合材料方面的卓越创新而荣获创新奖,JEC创新奖的评 定以合作伙伴在价值链参与度,创新成果在技术或商业 方面的应用等要素作为评判标準,颁发给复合材料生产 方面的佼佼者。 The JEC Innovation Awards is a long-established and worldwide program with 3 simple goals: identify, promote and reward the most innovative composite solutions in the world. Over the past 15 years, the JEC Innovation Program has involved 1,800 companies worldwide; 177 companies and 433 partners have been rewarded for the excellence of their composite innovations. The JEC Innovation Awards reward composites champions, based on criteria such as partner involvement in the value chain, technicality or commercial applications of innovations.

Surface Generation主要汽车复合材料创新奖

由Engenuity Ltd(ENG)设计并由Surface Generation Ltd(SG)制造的复合材料获得了汽车板块的JEC创新 奖该材料为C柱加强件利用热塑性包覆成型原理,实现 车辆白车身(BIW)结构性能的飞跃。(如图1)
The composite C-Pillar reinforcement component, designed by Engenuity Ltd (ENG) and manufactured by Surface Generation Ltd (SG), exploits the principle of thermoplastic overmoulding to achieve a step change in structural performance of the vehicle body-in-white (BIW). (See Photo 1)
也就是说,我们仅仅需要在使用负载路径的局部区域 合理使用高性能,均衡,连续的纤维增强材料,便可 以进而将整体部件的成本降至最低,在其他的一些可 应用区域,可以使用更实惠的短纤维增强材料实现复 杂性能,通过几何形状增加零件刚度并实现装配。 That is, to make judicious use of high performance, aligned, continuous fibre reinforced material only in localized areas where load paths demand their use, thus minimizing the overall part cost. Elsewhere, more affordable short fibre reinforced material is used to realize complex features that add part stiffness through geometry and enable assembly.
该组件的几何形状复杂且厚度可调整(2mm至 8mm),它包括四个使用短纤维(SF)增强特殊PA 尼龙(KDFeddersen,AKROLOY®PAICF 40)包覆成 型的连续纤维(CF)增强 PA6(SGL Group,Sigrafil C T50)嵌件,使用电子涂覆工艺完成对该组件的涂覆后,将其黏合到白车身,CF嵌件由预先加固的有机 薄片冲压而成,该有机薄片采用高正交各向异性层压 板堆叠制成,以适应部件在使用中的承载。(如图2) The component possesses complex geometry and variable thickness (2mm to 8mm). It comprises four inserts of continuous fibre (CF) reinforced PA6 (SGL Group, Sigrafil C T50) overmoulded with a short fibre (SF) reinforced PA6 compound (K.D. Feddersen, AKROLOY PA ICF 40). The component is adhesively bonded to the BIW after its e-coat process. The CF inserts are stamp formed from a pre-consolidated organosheet produced with a highly orthotropic laminate stacking sequence to suit the in-service loading of the component. (See Photo 2)

零件的一部分在模具中冷却,另一部分在外部夹具内 冷却,SG和ENG共同合作开发了多种测试方法,用 以获取与包覆成型材料和连续纤维增强嵌件之间的黏 接强度相关的最优工艺条件,PtFS是针对双色射出前 所需达到的热力状况而开发。 The component is cooled partly in mould and partly within an external fixture. SG and ENG worked together to develop test methods that would enable the optimum process conditions to be established in relation to the bond strength between the overmoulding material and the continuous fibre reinforced inserts. PtFS technology was exploited to achieve the necessary thermal conditions prior to overmoulding.

成型模具的表面由SG实施的分析研究进行调整,以补偿工艺加工引起的变形,CF嵌件安装在包覆成型模具中,该模具由SG设计制造,并采用其获得专利 的“PtFS”热控制技术,关闭该工具之后,开始对96 个加热器/冷却器通道进行分区并优化热循环。 The moulding surfaces of the forming tools are adjusted, using output from analytical studies conducted by SG, to compensate for process induced distortion. The CF inserts are positioned in the overmoulding tool. The tooling is designed and manufactured by SG and incorporates their patented “PtFS” thermal control technology. The tooling is closed and each of the 96 heater/ cooler channels are zoned and their thermal cycle optimized.


图 1(Photo 1)               图 2(Photo 2)


•经济降本:净边模铸复合材料零件价格为* 19欧元/公斤

Key Benefits • Lightweight: A 30% mass saving over the state-of-the-art metallic solution • Affordable: A net edge moulded composite part at €19/kg • Recyclable: Recovered fibre supporting a material suited to reprocessing • Adoptable: A design solution creating opportunities for platform variants • Transferable: Technology benefitting both industry and consumers


Engenuity Ltd(英国): http://engenuity.net/ InCA Technology(瑞士): https://www.inca.technology/ K.D.Feddersen UK Ltd(英国): https://kdfeddersen.com/



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